This is Us

Little Gallery Exhibition Dates: 21 March – 19 April 2020 Local young people in Devonport have explored Australian cultural identity using imagery and text. The resulting artworks are made in range of media, and investigate personal symbolism and language to communicate self-identity, cultural concerns, attitudes, values and beliefs. Composite image: Asha Sutton-Eustace (L), Carla Egger […]

Beyond Sight: Katrin Terton

BEYOND SIGHT is a multi-sensory exhibition in which visitors can explore the artworks through touch, sound, smell, sight and imagination.

Life Lines: June Wilson

LITTLE GALLERYExhibition Dates: 11 January – 9 February, 2020 June Wilson’s interest in the challenges facing multicultural families, particularly female members, emerged shortly after arriving in Tasmania, Australia as an impressionable 13-year-old. Relocating from another country, she was faced with overt and covert discrimination, despite herself being Caucasian and having a strong Tasmanian family heritage. […]

Finding Place: Cheryl Sims

LITTLE GALLERYExhibition Dates: 11 January – 9 February, 2020 Opening: Friday 24 January, 2020 at 6pm by Garth Murphy, Building Designer and Construction Manager Cheryl Sims’ childhood was like that many other Tasmanian families from the North West Coast; they fought and struggled to keep families together. Encaustics is the medium that best expresses the […]

Rust, Resin and Reality

Darryl RogersTHE LITTLE GALLERYExhibition Dates: 30 November 2019 – 5 January, 2020 Impermanence, permanence, transience and the timeless are symbolised in a series of 3D works where rust and resin are used as the primary sculptural medium. As a sort of physical manifestations of temporal extremes, these two materials in concert with assemblage, text and […]

The Natural Estate

Laura Gillam, Joey Gracia and Callum DonoghueLITTLE GALLERYExhibition Dates: 19 October – 24 November, 2019 In the peak of Tasmania’s tourism boom, The Natural Estate explores the alternate narratives and landscapes neglected by glossy pamphlets and travel magazines. It questions the popular representations of Tasmania as an island of dreams and possibilities, abundant with pristine […]


Anne O’ConnorTHE LITTLE GALLERYExhibition Dates: 7 September – 13 October, 2019 Shattered glass, graffiti, abandonment, the Royal Derwent is no more. As walls crumble and glass shatters, nothingness is left to signify the many who called this place home. Where are they, the lost, uprooted and vanished people of the Derwent? Image; Tears, Statistics, A […]

Threads of Childhoods Past

Threads of Childhoods Past: Jennifer Frost and Jan Larcombe Little Gallery – Emerging Artist Program THE LITTLE GALLERY Exhibition Dates: 27 July – 1 September 2019 Opening: Friday 2 August, 6pm In Threads of Childhoods Past, two artists with a shared childhood growing up in the remote area of Trowutta in the far North West […]

Placing Things: Kelly Austin

Little Gallery Exhibition Dates: 16 March – 19 May 2019 With this exhibition, Placing Things, Kelly Austin continues to question the connections between perception and expectation. Writing on Kelly’s work, Dr Patsy Hely has said: “Kelly Austin continues to experiment with form-types while shifting her focus from the generalised contemplation invited by still life works […]