On Belonging(s) – Opening Speech by Kristen Lang

2 August 2019 I think we “belong” in multiple and often contradictory ways. A single person may be, for example, an artist, a parent, a spouse, a catholic, a vegetarian, a netballer, a vase collector, an Australian-born Italian, a renovator, a singer, a cook, and so on. This one person may hold attachments to particular […]

On the move

It is obvious, the local community is greatly attached to the Gallery at Stewart Street. I have been asked countless times why it needs to move. The saying goes, “if I had a dollar for every time I was asked.” The answer is quite simple. Undeniably, the Stewart Street Gallery is a striking building with […]

Devonport Regional Gallery moving in 2018

The Devonport Regional Gallery is currently situated in a re-purposed Baptist Church. It is a stunning building complimented by engaging exhibitions, programs and events. However, we have outgrown the building and next year we will say ‘farewell’ to Stewart Street when we relocate to Rooke Street. The new location is yet another old building, the […]

It’s a wrap

Well not quite… the end of the year sees the Tidal Award Exhibition on show and receiving great feedback; the Tidal Artisan Street Market opens this Friday 9 December at 3pm and the inaugural Tidal Festival kicks off on the 23 January 2017! Winding the clock back to the first half of the year, key […]

Living Art: DRG undergoes change

A day rarely goes by without a visitor commenting on either the ambience, or the physical attributes of the converted Baptist church in Stewart Street Devonport which is home to the Devonport Regional Gallery. With a series of upgrades over the past decade, the Gallery has scrubbed up well and is recognised widely for its […]