Final day

It’s the final day of the Tidal Festival, and what a week it has been! I’m sitting at my work desk at Devonport Regional Gallery listening to the sounds of the Tidal Festival choir bringing together music for their performance at the Final Hurrah later this afternoon – all within the space of this two […]

Devonport Regional Gallery – I am a fan

The longer I spend on the Coast, the more I am impressed with the team at Devonport Regional Gallery. Their philosophy, branding (that yellow!) exhibition and educational programs are all equal to any I have seen and I am so proud to have them as my local regional gallery .  This year’s TIDAL award and […]

Last night’s Get Blogging workshop

It was a lively workshop with nearly 20 participants, both new to blogging, and savvy. They came to “Get Blogging”: learn blogging basics,  improve their style, and explore various creative writing techniques to get the most out of blog posts. Held in the inspiring Devonport Regional Gallery hung with works from the National Finalists Exhibition. […]

Tide’s In!

Tonight I met Hilary Burden. Hilary is a blogger. I don’t have any good ideas of what a blogger is or does. But Hilary promises to enlighten me and a room full of others in a 2-hour session. She seems bright and capable, so I present myself to her to mould me into a blogger […]

One day to go!

The Devonport Regional Gallery’s Tidal Festival starts today. Hello, Hilary here! Excited to meet everyone signed up for the Get Blogging workshop at Devonport Regional Gallery tomorrow. (Thanks to Dianne for inviting me). The workshop’s sold out, but you can check out our progress tomorrow – here – live – online – some time between 6pm and 8pm. […]