Devonport Agricultural Show — first day

‘Hector McFee was a member of the Show Society, and they thought of bringing it to Devonport, and they bought 12 acres of land. The first show was in ’26… the last one was the only show that they’ve missed. I called the show for 17 years… One time the committee brought a caller from the Royal Show in Sydney. And of course he know no—one, and he called the show alright, but he didn’t know who he was talking about.’
— Bill

‘Devonport Show was a highlight every year… There would be cars, agricultural equipment… all the rides, Ferris wheel, merry—mix, fairy floss and show bags. If you had enough money you could buy a show bag from Cadbury perhaps, get lots of nice chocolates. The central arena would be set out for show jumping… there were people who were sort of crashing cars, doing roll overs with them up on two wheels. To raise money for the show, because we didn’t get an allowance of any sort, we used to sell old cordial bottles… or scrap copper or lead.
— Stephen