Devonport High School

‘My early years at Devonport Primary were during the war, particularly the kindergarten years. I remember it was quite scary, because we used to have to have air raid practice. They had air raid shelters, all dotted around the playground. When the siren went we used to have a little rubber round our neck, which we had to put between our teeth, and a camphor bag… and of course as little children we really didn’t know whether it was reality or just pretend, practice.’
— Judy

‘I went to school in Spreyton. I have fond memories of the original building itself, because the whole school was in one room, and only the one teacher. I also remember the days of going across the road to a private house for hot milo, instead of cold milk… not many enjoyed the cold milk, because it was sort of lukewarm! We were shuffled across the road and we’d come back and have our milo. The cups were later washed up in the school and taken back to the lady who prepared the milo.’
— Pat

‘Devonport High… the first year at high school was when the fire almost burnt the old part of the school down. Sometime after the fire we had a little bit of excitement in that the police were transporting a prisoner through town… the police had stopped at the corner of Best and William Street with their prisoner, who decided the school looked inviting and took off, the police in hot pursuit, ran into the old burnt out portion of the school to try and hide… So that was the talk for a few days at school.’
— Stephen