Luck Brothers Pty Ltd

‘The Luck Brothers, god bless them, they were lovely to work for. They owned Devonport and half of Burnie, but they’d just walk in like anyone else and talk to you, like “How’s football going?”. You felt like it was your place you were working at… Not just working for Luck Brothers and F. H. Haines, you felt you was it. I worked mainly on the paint department. I know when I first got my job down at F.H. Haines, Harold Neville was the chap I had to see. And he said “I’ll tell you what old feller, see that lady down there, if you can go and sell her whatever she wants, you can start whenever you want to”. So I went up to her and said “Hello, can I help you?”… She bought a little two and a half ounce, 100ml tin of paint, and I’ll never forget it was two and sixpence. And Harold looked at me and said “You’re in mate, you’ve got it, you’re a starter”. So that was it. And I had 43 years with them when I retired 10 years ago now.’
— Joe