Lyons, Joe, Enid and family on steps of Homehill

‘The side garden, which no longer exists, it was beautiful. It was a room, surrounded by a Cyprus hedge. It had windows in the side, so you could stand at the windows and look right out to sea. It was just beautiful that garden, it was sort of English cottage garden in parts. It was all camellias and roses and rhododendrons and azaleas, even hollyhocks. It was just lovely… There was an orchard out the back. That had a row of every kind of apple available in Tasmania at the time… We had loads of fruit, and chooks, and vegetables and ducks… We’d go out in the morning and there were the poor little things in the freezing pond. We’d take them in to my mother, and we’d put a towel beside her in bed and we’d put all these little yellow things against her and she’d keep them warm. Was a funny sight, which nobody ever saw except members of the family.’
— Janice