Mersey Marine Board — “Torquay” river ferry

‘The cross river ferry operated from just behind the ramp, and still does, of the ferry terminal. And in the early days people could walk through the gate at the bottom of Murray Street, through the terminal yard… on to the river ferry. All the time there’d be forklifts driving around and trucks picking up and dropping off cargo… in later years of course it was certainly frowned upon as not being a safe environment for the public to be wandering around in a busy ferry terminal yard.
— Stephen

‘The one here, which is the first Torquay, it was wonderful. You just stepped across from the pontoon on to the boat… t was really good for prams and pushers and boys with bikes… It went on demand, and it went for a lot longer hours than it does today. I think I remember that the fare was sixpence each way when I started using it. And today it’s $2.50 one way.’
— Helen