Royal Tour — Queen Elizabeth II — decorated buildings .10 King St .6 The Fruit Palace .20 Dr J Payne; house left, surgery entrance right

‘Rooke Street was very popular Friday nights, we had Friday night late night shopping. Young people I suppose would be out with their friends, there would have been music groups playing perhaps at the Town Hall, Friday night, Saturday night. It was a social event as much as anything… would be a real congregation of people… in front of those shops, you’d have to zig zag your way through the crowd.’
— Stephen

‘They were great times, we wandered up and down the street and I also recall one particular person that had a shoe shop in the mall. He used to stand out the front of the shoe shop and say hello to everybody, and try to coerce us into having a look at the latest pair of shoes… We didn’t have enough money to probably spend with him, but he kept spruiking his shoes from the door of his shop, in what is now the mall. It was a different shopping experience altogether than now days. Much better, I think, prior to the introduction of self—serve. I think they’ve gone away from the personal touch which we had, with the fellow sat outside trying to get us to go in to buy shoes.’
— Pat

‘Moran Cato, self—service. Absolutely outstanding, everyone thought Moran Cato was the greatest shop in Devonport. Because it was the first of the self—service grocery stores in Devonport. I used to enjoy going in there because you could just go and pick anything you want off the shelf. But you couldn’t walk out without paying for it, unfortunately!’
— Jim