Star Theatre – billboard and other displays advertising the film “Ten Commandments”

‘That’s the old Star Theatre, down the end of Stewart Street. Many a happy Saturday afternoon have I had in that place. Used to go down there as a kid, spend me twenty cents for entry, twenty cents for half time ice cream and lollies. And they used to have Hop Along Cassidy as an episodal serial every week.’
— Jim

‘I loved Westerns in those days, I still do but they don’t make any decent Westerns now… You used to go along and see Hop Along Cassidy, The Lone Ranger… Wasn’t always cowboy things. You went there and saw all the trailers and news from around the world. Sometimes you went downstairs and sometimes you went up in the dress circle and dropped your Jaffas all over the place.’
— Helen

‘The Star Theatre. That brings back a lot of memories. We used to go quite often on a Saturday afternoon. I think we went to see anything, it didn’t matter much what it was, we went to the pictures. I remember the Jaffas, and it was deliberate that they would sometimes sit up the back and roll the Jaffas down the stairs during the movie.’
— Pat