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Books+Art: Friends of the Gallery Reading Group

Devonport Regional Gallery

Books+Art is the Gallery’s monthly reading group celebrating art and literature! 

Books are selected by members and at times connected with the exhibitions displayed at the Devonport Regional Gallery. The informal monthly meetings discuss the chosen book alongside the exhibition, providing an open and friendly environment. Meetings are accompanied by wine and cheese, and new members are always welcome. 

One of the advantages of joining the Friends of the Gallery is that the membership of Books + Art reading group is included in the membership fee.

Dates and titles are:
17 January:
 Things I don’t Want To Know, The Cost Of Living and Real Estate by Deborah Levy
21 February:
Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr
21 March:
11 April: Today A Woman Went Wild In In The Supermarket by Hilma Wolitzer
16 May: TBC
20 June: TBC
18 July: TBC
15 August: TBC
19 September: TBC
17 October:
21 November:
12 December:
Everyone brings a book of their to present to the group

Books can be purchased at Devonport Bookshop 83 Rooke St Mall. Books + Art members receive a 10% discount on  purchases.

If you’re interested in joining the group, please contact the Gallery:

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Feb 21 2022


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