Relaxed Performance – The Cope Street Parade

Town Hall Theatre

Devonport Jazz


Relaxed Performance – The Cope Street Parade

Immerse yourself in the sensory-friendly atmosphere of a relaxed performance by Sydney’s Cope Street Parade band. This talented group has perfected the art of blending spicy rhythms with their unique song-writing, seamlessly spanning the genres of jazz, folk, pop, gypsy, and swing. The hot sounds of gypsy swing intertwine with elements of New Orleans traditional jazz, resulting in a mesmerizing musical experience that feels simultaneously new and old, yet always distinctly Australian.

During this concert, The Cope Street Parade takes special care to create a sensory-friendly experience. The volume levels are adjusted to ensure a comfortable sound range, and the lighting is kept soft and consistent, avoiding sudden or intense changes. This is an opportunity to connect with the music, embrace the moment, and experience the joy of live performance in a way that respects and caters to individual sensory sensitivities.

Download a PDF copy of the Relaxed Performance Visual Story Booklet HERE, or find a digital copy online HERE.


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Jul 29 2023


3:30 pm - 4:15 pm


Town Hall Theatre - paranaple arts centre
Ticket: $10.00
Part of the paranaple pass paranaple pass $80