Devonport Regional Gallery

Beyond Sight: Katrin Terton

Beyond Sight: Katrin Terton

Little Gallery
Exhibition Dates: 15 February – 15 March, 2020

Beyond Sight is a multi-sensory exhibition in which visitors can explore the artworks through touch, sound, smell, sight and imagination.

Katrin Terton’s evocative, interactive and immersive experience contemplates inclusion of the broadest audience by making her works meaningfully accessible to people of all ages and abilities with particular regard to people with low or no vision. The exhibition challenges the prevailing paradigm of inclusion by revealing that the experience of those with impairments is both valid and rich, then including other members of the audience in that appreciation. This not only levels the playing field for participation, it also reminds the whole audience of the benefit of using all of their available senses to understand their world.

Image: Katrin Terton, Driftsongs