Devonport Regional Gallery

Connection to Land and Place

Connection to Land and Place

3 JULY – 7 AUGUST 2016
Opening Sunday 3 July, 3 pm

In recognition of NAIDOC Week, the Devonport Regional Gallery is launching an exhibition of new work by emerging Aboriginal artist Cheryl Rose. NAIDOC Week celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and society.

Connection to Land and Place represents paintings by emerging Aboriginal artist Cheryl Rose. Rose lives in the North West of Tasmania and paints the land and places that she is connected to both spiritually and through her heritage. Her paintings are meditative reflections of the land that is both inspiration and a constant reminder of who she is and where she came from. As an emerging artist, Rose demonstrates great observational skills and accomplished techniques in acrylic painting.

Speaking of her work Reflections Familiar to Me (below) Rose shares: “I often come [to this place], sit here opposite the view of tussock grass on the other side of the Cam River. The view calms me, quiets my mind. Once I’m quietened, I tend to ponder about the area and why I’m drawn here. It’s familiar. I’m familiar to the landscape, akin to my people that walked the muddy shoreline. The river recedes from the tussock grass revealing reflections. It seems untouched, even though industrial area is just behind the view.”

Image: Cheryl Rose, Reflections Familiar to Me, 2016, oil on canvas