Devonport Regional Gallery

Marisa Molin: Fragments of King

Marisa Molin: Fragments of King

Exhibition Dates: 28 November 2015 – 31 January 2016

Molin maps the coastline of islands by collecting textures and fragments found from the shoreline. These fragments and their secret narratives are brought into the studio and translated into wearable objects. These works are from the Fragments of King series, which is an outcome of an Artist Residency on King Island (2015)*. This exhibition aims to create a collective and visual dialogue about an island – as each island is unique.

In her essay, Gillian Marsden provides insight into Fragments of King: “Beyond the undeniable beauty of Molin’s work, is the process of creating them, the movement away from the origins, in which the capturing of impressions not only mimics, but also overlaps with, found surfaces as well. […] In Molin’s work, the surface of human skin moves beneath a capture of another skin – animal and plant, nautilus and kelp.”

Image: Marisa Molin, Kelp Track Wandering, 2015, sterling silver, kelp, stainless steel