Devonport Regional Gallery

Porous Bodies: Susan Quinn

Porous Bodies: Susan Quinn

Exhibition Dates: 24 October – 13 November 2016

Launceston-based visual artist, Susan Quinn’s work focuses on the human organism and the porous boundaries it shares with other bodies, systems and entities.

“Through my work I aim to express the human body’s fluid and fragile state” says Susan, “questioning if bodies are characterised by a porous quality that allows the outer world to flow through and beyond membranous boundaries.”

In this exhibition, Susan’s explores and develops the relationships between patterns formed in process-led art making based on visual data collected during her artist residency at the Launceston General Hospital’s Pathology Department. During the residency period Susan was exposed to microscopic human matter in a number of medical testing procedures and processes.

“I contend that human minutiae are composed largely of voids, much like a sponge, to where entities migrate and populate and it is because entities are characterised by ontological intimacy with a host of other entities in the world that they flow freely through one another, each influencing and modifying other entities as they move” – Susan Quinn, visual artist

Image credit: Susan Quinn, Shiny White Tiles I, 2016, colour pigments in resin on 6mm acrylic sheet