Box Office & Ticketing Information

Box Office & Ticketing Information: 

  • The paranaple arts centre is an agency for both Ticketmaster and Ticketek.
  • Tickets can be purchased over the counter during Box Office hours, Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm.

Conditions of Entry

Please advise the Box Office if you are claiming a concession price on your ticket. If you do not advise, the Box Office will assume a full price applies to adults. Concession prices apply on proof of entitlement to full time students, pensioners and Health Care Card holders unless otherwise stated. We do not normally offer concession prices on presentation of Australian Seniors Card. For phone bookings, proof of concession eligibility will be required to be presented when collecting tickets. Please present all concession cards related to your purchase when collecting tickets. 

 Please check your tickets carefully. The Box Office does not offer refunds, exchanges or transfer of tickets. There is a “No Exchange, No Refund” policy on all tickets once they are purchased. Tickets are sold on behalf of the organisation responsible for presenting the event and are subject to the conditions applicable to that event and/or the venue where held. 

At all times, patrons are required to behave in a manner:  

  • Which is not offensive, humiliating, intimidating or threatening to other patrons, DECC staff or any other persons; 
  • That does not threaten the safety of other patrons, DECC staff or any other persons; 
  • That does not cause any damage to DECC property or the property of other patrons; 
  • That does not interfere with or distract the performers; and 
  • That does not interfere with other patrons’ enjoyment of the performance. 
  • For the safety of yourself and others, patrons must follow the direction of DECC management and staff at all times. If any patron is aware of an issue that impacts on the safety of themselves or others, the patron should report it to DECC staff immediately. 

Anyone who breaches these conditions may be deemed an “objectionable patron”, and be subject to removal from the theatre. 

To ensure the safety and security of all patrons, DECC reserves the right to inspect all bags and personal belongings that patrons wish to take into the theatre. Searches will be carried out courteously and discreetly. Any prohibited items (described below) must either be discarded or removed from the DECC venue. Any patron refusing to cooperate with this policy will not be allowed entry into the theatre. 

Prohibited items include knives; fireworks; explosives; smoke canisters; aerosols; air-horns; noisemakers; flares; weapons; dangerous or hazardous items; controlled, dangerous or illegal substances; laser devices; bottles; glass vessels; any animals other than guide, hearing and/or assistance dog; or any article that may be used as a weapon and/or compromise public safety or which may pose a hazard or nuisance to any other person. Any person in possession of such items will be deemed an “objectionable patron” and refused entry to, or removed from, DECC premises. Oversize items including large bags, large umbrellas and all backpacks present a trip hazard and are not permitted within DECC premises. 

 In accordance with DECC policy, a large bag is defined as a bag measuring 42cm long and 30cm wide or larger (i.e. larger than a standard A3 sheet of paper), or a bag that DECC staff consider, at their absolute discretion, to be of an irregular size and which may create an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of patrons if permitted within the theatre. Patrons should seek guidance from DECC staff if they are unsure whether they have a large bag, large umbrella or any prohibited item. Failure to comply with this policy and to cooperate with DECC staff and management may result in the patron being deemed an “objectionable patron” and subject to removal from the premises. 

Use of recording devices of any kind (including still photography and video cameras, audio tape recorders, digital photo capture devices and mobile telephones) by non-authorised people is strictly prohibited in all DECC performance areas and other venues where DECC managed events are held, unless the DECC and the performer, artist or producer have expressly waived this restriction. Any waiver will be at the absolute discretion of the performer, artist or producer of the performance. Recording devices carried by unauthorised individuals will be confiscated and safely stored by DECC until the performance is over. It will be the responsibility of the owner to retrieve the stored device(s). DECC reserves the right to require the deletion of any photographic, video or audio images and recordings made in breach of this policy and to hold any recording devices until such time as the images and recordings are deleted. Failure to comply may cause a patron to be deemed an “objectionable patron” and be subject to removal from the premises 

All DECC patrons must wear appropriate attire for a public place and must wear appropriate footwear at all times. Clothing with objectionable, vulgar or offensive writing, images or imprints may not be worn at the DECC. DECC management will determine at their absolute discretion whether attire and footwear is appropriate, according to generally accepted and reasonable standards. Hats and headwear must be removed upon entering any of the performance spaces; and they cannot be worn by patrons unless such head coverings are recognised as part of the religious or national dress of the patron. This policy is to minimise the obstruction of other patrons’ view of all performances.

To minimise distraction of the on-stage artists as well as the DECC patrons who were seated prior to the performance start, generally any DECC patrons who are not seated at the commencement of a performance will not be permitted to enter the theatre until an appropriate break in the performance. The appropriate break in the performance is predetermined by the Promoter or Front of House Manager and communicated to DECC staff prior to the performance. Whilst every effort will be made to seat you in your designated seat to minimise disruption to the performance, how and where late arrivals are seated will be venue and performance specific and at the absolute discretion of DECC staff. 

All mobile phones and paging devices must be turned off during any event held at DECC, unless advised otherwise. Any patron that refuses to adhere to this requirement will be deemed an “objectionable patron” and be subject to removal from the premises.

Infants and children may be allowed access to DECC theatres, at the absolute discretion of the Promoter, provided they are accompanied by a paying adult and they do not distract other patrons. If an infant or child is allowed access to a theatre and becomes a distraction to other patrons, DECC staff may request that the accompanying adult remove the infant or child from the theatre. 

Infants under 18 months are to be nursed by the accompanying adult and may not occupy a seat unless a ticket has been purchased for the infant. Baby capsules and prams are not permitted inside the theatre. Any child aged over 18 months old requires a ticket to attend the event, unless otherwise specified. 

Please note that hot food and drinks are not permitted in the theatre. Food and drink purchased outside the theatre kiosk is not permitted in the theatre. As the DECC is licensed premises, only alcohol purchased on site is permitted to be consumed on DECC property. There is a limit of two alcoholic drinks permitted to be purchased per person at any one time.

The DECC reserves the right to deem anyone who has contravened these rules to be an “objectionable patron”. Objectionable Patrons are subject to removal from the premises. Anyone deemed an Objectionable Patron may be subject to refused entry to DECC events at the manager’s discretion.