To have and to hold: Armie Sungvaribud

Devonport Regional Gallery

To have and to hold



17 December 2022 – 21 January 2023
Little Gallery


The ceramics presented in To have and to hold solidifies memory, reconnecting the artist’s cultural heritage to form a sense of identity in a contemporary environment. By applying playful form and colour, Armie Sungvaribud represents intangible childhood memories from growing up in Thailand. These vessels embody the few blissful yet powerful images she cherishes from her roots, recreating them to keep their visions alive and foster a sense of belonging. Armie explores how time affects memory, resulting in a blurred history, and meditates on the importance in keeping her cultural identity conscious.

This exhibition is presented under the Little Gallery Emerging Artist Program.

Image: Armie Sungvaribud, Go to school or look after the buffalos, 2022, mid fire ceramics with silver lustre. Image credit Rosie Hastie


We regret to advise that the Meet & Greet event that was scheduled for Saturday 21 January has been cancelled.

Armie Sungvaribad’s exhibition will be showing at the Gallery until this date, and no further events are planned at this stage.

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Dec 17 2022 - Jan 21 2023


Little Gallery - paranaple arts centre