Creature Sightings (Real & Imaginary)

Devonport Regional Gallery

Creature Sightings (Real & Imaginary)

Works by participants in Devonport Regional Gallery’s Term 3 Create & Make program

Devonport Regional Gallery
paranaple arts centre Foyer Space
Showing throughout October, 2023

Our Create & Make groups are excited to share paintings, drawings, and small ceramic works inspired by their own creature sightings (real and imagined).

The primary school-age artists took inspiration from Fernando do Campo’s 365 Daily bird lists, recently shown in To Companion a Companion, beginning their inquiry by documenting memories of creature sightings.

The group explored acrylic painting on different surfaces and ceramic joining techniques. They aimed to show something more about their observation by considering setting, alternative views, and texture. Some students experimented with using colour, lines to show feelings or movement, or text to tell a story, while others considered alternative views and imagined unobserved lives.


Images: artworks by Create & Make workshop participants showing in the current foyer exhibition, Creature Sightings (Real & Imaginary)

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Oct 09 - 23 2023


paranaple arts centre