Meet & Greet the Artist: Halima Bhatti – Little Gallery Emerging Artist Program Exhibition

Devonport Regional Gallery


Halima Bhatti

Arabic Calligraphy – The Journey of the Self

Little Gallery Emerging Artist Program


Saturday 16 March, 11.00am – 12.00pm

Little Gallery, Level 2

Please join us at the Gallery at 11am on Saturday 16 March to officially open Arabic Calligraphy – The Journey of the Self by Tasmanian artist Halima Bhatti, as part of our Emerging Artist Program for 2024.

RSVP is appreciated by registering your attendance via the online form here.

Alternatively please email artgallery@devonport.tas.gov.au with your name, number of attendees, and a contact email and/or phone number.

A workshop will be held after the opening Meet & Greet event on Saturday 16 March – details to be confirmed.


About the Exhibition

Arabic Calligraphy – The Journey of the Self is not merely an artistic endeavour but a spiritual pilgrimage; it is an intimate exploration of identity, spirituality, and the timeless connection between artist and inspiration.

Through the rhythmic dance of letters, Halima Bhatti unravels layers of self-discovery. The canvas becomes a mirror reflecting the inner landscapes shaped by the poet’s profound musings. The paint becomes a conduit for emotions, thoughts, and the whispers of the soul, echoing the profound wisdom encapsulated in the verses of Holy Quran and Allama Iqbal’s poetry.

As you immerse yourself in Arabic Calligraphy – The Journey of the Self, take a moment to traverse the corridors of time. Let the eloquence of the artistic finesse of Halima Bhatti’s creations guide you through a tapestry that transcends mere artistry – it becomes a transformative experience.


Halima Bhatti, The Bird of Pride, 2023, oil on canvas, 101.6 x 101.6 cm.


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Mar 16 2024


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