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Floor Talk: Milan Milojevic – 2020 Solo Commission Artist

Devonport Regional Gallery

2020 Solo Commission Artist
Saturday 6 February, 11.00am with Milan Milojevic
This is a free event, but numbers are limited. RSVP is a must
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Terra Incognita: A duck-billed what?

Milan Milojevic
2020 Solo Commission
6 February – 20 March 2021

Main Gallery

Terra Incognita: A duck-billed what? is an exhibition of prints and 3 dimensional objects that continues to explore contemporary cultural identity and the complexities of a cross-cultural position. Milojevic is a first generation Australian of German/Serbian parents, and for four decades he has engaged with the dilemma of growing up and belonging to three countries  and finding a space ‘in between’, an imagined and unknown place constructed from collected stories of a homeland he never witnessed and is based instead upon memory, myth, fiction and fact.
The synthesis of fact and fiction play a pivotal role in his practice, content that is informed and inspired by the aesthetics and visual language developed by18th and 19th century engravers and naturalist artists.

Image: Never Ending Story 11, 2021, archival ink /etching overlay, 30 x 40 cm, edition of 10

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Feb 06 2021


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