North West Support School Exhibition

Devonport Regional Gallery

North West Support School

Celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities


30 November 2022 – 14 January 2023
Devonport Regional Gallery
paranaple arts centre Foyer Space


The paranaple arts centre welcome the North West Support School to share an inclusive exhibition as we celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The exhibition includes works created by students during an exploration of Steampunk, with panels of recycled materials arranged and aged with patinas to create collage machines. These are presented alongside interactive multisensory activities, visual augmentative and alternative communication displays and images of art experiences at North West Support School, so gallery visitors can experience and understand how students create and communicate.


Header Image: Steampunk Collage Machine by Daniel S, North West Support School

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Nov 30 2022 - Jan 14 2023


paranaple arts centre