Public Program

PORTAL tidal.20: Community Photography Project

Devonport Regional Gallery

PORTAL enters us into the many moments that make up our lives on the North West Coast of Tasmania.

You’re invited to take part in this special community photography project by sharing a snapshot from your day that represents the theme of tidal.

Capture day is:

Sunday 3 January 2021

Each photograph will be used in a public exhibition at the Devonport Regional Gallery as part of tidal.20 Festival, capturing 24 hours of life on the coast and by the river as seen by the people in our community. This will coincide with local photographer Kelly Slater’s This River photography installation, which can be viewed 25-30 January on the multi- use path on Formby Road.

To find out more, contact the Devonport Regional Gallery by phone on (03) 6420 2900

or Email:

Step 1. REGISTER WITH US – by Sunday 3 January

Email us to let us know you are interested in participating:

Tell us your name, contact number and email address and that you would like to register for Portal 2021.


On Sunday 3 January photograph a moment that captures life on the coast or an image that represents the theme “tidal” to you.  Use your smartphone, compact digital  camera, SLR, digital SLR or any other device at your disposal.

Step 3. SUBMIT & SHARE YOUR PHOTO –  by  Monday 11 January

Send your photograph to:

Please include: Your full name, contact information and details about your photo such as time it was taken, location, subject, and the story behind the photo.

Step 4. GO SEE –  between Tuesday 19 January – Tuesday 23 February 2021

Visit the Devonport Regional gallery at 145 Rooke Street, Devonport to see your photograph as part of the Portal tidal.20 Exhibition.




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Jan 03 - 12 2021


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