Wherret Devonport railway track switching shed

‘This building is the signal box, which stood right on the edge of the river. And this is the building that housed the mechanism for operating points and signals, which were like the traffic lights of the day, for the railways. And the upper section held the levers, and by means of wires and chains running down to the ground floor of that buildings, and then pulleys went off in all directions around the railway yard in town, either out towards Victoria Parade crossing, where the roundhouse was, and to the south to along the area behind the wharf. The handles up in the signal box were brass I think, and they were always kept gleaming. It seemed that a signalman was forever cleaning the machinery and keeping it in pristine order.’
— Stephen

‘That’s the signal shed, and they’ve got that out at the Don. The levers, you’d pull them up and that would change the railway line so you could go that way, or that way. And see every one of those, that was a different intersection. There’s only one line going there now, well there used to be a dozen lines there. And there used to be a coal station there. There used to be coal fired engines before they got the diesel electrics.’
— Arden