Devonport Regional Gallery

North West Art Circle 2019

North West Art Circle 2019

Annual Community Art Exhibition & Awards 2019
2 February – 3 March 2019
Main Gallery
Opening: Friday 1 February

Artists in Action: Sunday 3 March @ 11am -1:30pm

2019 WINNERS – Monica Reeve Judge’s Statement

Congratulations on another wonderful exhibition showcasing the artistic talents of the North-West Coast.

Coming together to celebrate the arts, visual arts in this case, is fundamental to who we are as part of the broader community. This exhibition is a celebration of the beauty of the creative process paired with the many inspirations that have captured our attention, resulting in the vast array of visual art pieces before us tonight.

Special thanks to Sandy Michell, Birgitta Magnusson-Reid, Kelly Slater & Paul Murphy on the task of organising, curating and the hanging of the exhibition.

Thank you also for entrusting me with the honour of viewing your works and selecting award recipients. I truely know the joys and trials of creating, along with the energy and emotion imparted into each piece during the creative process. – Monica Reeve

Julie Fielding – Special Mention

A “special mention” for Julie Fielding for “Betty”, the delightful innocence of the subject matter has been delicately and skilfully captured with pencil.

Best in Exhibition – Daniela Selir
“Reflections 4”

Congratulations Daniela! Captivating and refreshing, “Reflections 4” entices us to engage our senses to explore the many textures of this moment in time captured with skill through acrylics. The composition tempts us to leave reality, and dip our hands or toes into the cool water, to scoop up leaves and pebbles in a moment of exploration.