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North West Art Circle: 2020 Annual Community Exhibition and Awards, Public Vote

North West Art Circle: 2020 Annual Community Exhibition and Awards, Public Vote

Devonport Regional Gallery has for many years presented this popular community exhibition by some 60 members of the North West Art Circle. Sadly, the exhibition was cut short this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak and very few visitors got to view the wonderful exhibition, which this year had a very high and even standard.

The Public Vote would have been awarded at the conclusion of the exhibition, but we took the voting online. Voting closed on 7 May 2020. 

The main awards were awarded to the following entrants:

Emerging Artist AWARD: Lois Chriss, Waiting for Daddy to Come Home, colour pencil

Highly Commended 2: Sandra Jenkins, Road to Moorlands, oil on canvas

Highly Commended 1:  June Wilson, On the Wing, pastel

Major Award Winner: Jacki Murphy, Moody Afternoon, watercolour

Public Vote Winner: Lois Chriss, Waiting for Daddy to Come Home, colour pencil

All of the entries can be seen below. 

Photography: Kelly Slater

Terri Appleby Dopamine Mixed Media
Terri Appleby, Dopamine, Mixed Media
Tanya Matthews Mothers Love Watercolour
Tanya Matthews,Mothers Love, Watercolour
Sue Wignall The Bookshop Pastel
Sue Wignall, The Bookshop, Pastel
Sharon Halley Sticky Beak Watercolour
Sharon Halley, Sticky Beak, Watercolour
Sandy Michell Morning Light, Mersey Estuary Watercolour
Sandy Michell. Morning Light, Mersey Estuary. Watercolour
Sandy Michell Into the light Watercolour
Sandy Michell, Into the light, Watercolour
Sandra Jenkins Road to Moorlands Oil
Sandra Jenkins,Road to Moorlands, Oil
Sandra Jenkins Gum Leaves and Vase Oil
Sandra Jenkins, Gum Leaves and Vase, Oil
Sandra Henderson Pretty Boy Alcohol Inks
Sandra Henderson, Pretty Boy, Alcohol Inks
Sandra Henderson Dante’s Domain Alcohol Ink
Sandra Henderson, Dante’s Domain, Alcohol Ink
Sadhana Cook Regeneration Encaustic, wax, resin and shellac
Sadhana Cook Regeneration, Encaustic, wax, resin and shellac
Sadhana Cook A Breeze of Dandelions Looking for a Window of Time Encaustic, wax, resin and shellac
Sadhana Cook, A Breeze of Dandelions Looking for a Window of Time, Encaustic, wax, resin and shellac
Ruth Kemp Reflections on Rosebery Mixed Media
Ruth Kemp, Reflections on Rosebery, Mixed Media
Ruth Kemp Going Nuts Pastel
Ruth Kemp, Going Nuts, Pastel
Patricia Chaplin Renaissance Walk Pastel
Patricia Chaplin, Renaissance Walk, Pastel
Patricia Chaplin Flying Duck Pastel
Patricia Chaplin, Flying Duck, Pastel
Nita Pountney Summertime; Poppies and Corn Acrylic
Nita Pountney, Summertime; Poppies and Corn, Acrylic
Nita Pountney Springtime Bluebells Acrylic
Nita Pountney, Springtime Bluebells, Acrylic
Max Cowin East Wynyard Beach Watercolour
Max Cowin, East Wynyard Beach, Watercolour
Max Cowin Bathurst Harbour Watercolour
Max Cowin,Bathurst Harbour, Watercolour
Lyn McFadyen Oriental Bloom Watercolour
Lyn McFadyen, Oriental Bloom, Watercolour
Louise Daniels Binnalong Bay Acrylic
Louise Daniels, Binnalong, Bay Acrylic
Lois Chriss Waiting for Daddy to Come Home Coloured Pencil
Lois Chriss, Waiting for Daddy to Come Home, Coloured Pencil
Lexie Hine Wendy’s Garden Acrylic
Lexie Hine ,Wendy’s Garden, Acrylic
Kerrie Moss The Recliner Graphite
Kerrie Moss, The Recliner, Graphite
Kerrie Moss Bear Time Story Soft Pastel
Kerrie Moss, Bear Time Story, Soft Pastel
Kathleen Bentley Butler’s Island Gordon River Tasmania Pastel
Kathleen Bentley, Butler’s Island Gordon River, Tasmania Pastel
Kathleen Bentley Bay of Fires, Tasmania Pastel
Kathleen Bentley, Bay of Fires, Tasmania, Pastel
Katherine Tyson Black Sheep 3 Oil
Katherine Tyson, Black Sheep 3, Oil
Katherine Tyson Black Sheep 2 Oil
Katherine Tyson, Black Sheep 2, Oil
June Wilson Tidal Grass Battle Pastel
June Wilson, Tidal Grass Battle, Pastel
June Wilson On the Wing Pastel
June Wilson, On the Wing, Pastel
Julie Fielding Sisters, Watching with Cecily Bear Colour Pencil
Julie Fielding, Sisters, Watching with Cecily Bear, Colour Pencil
Julie Fielding Capturing that Brief Moment of Clarity Colour Pencil
Julie Fielding, Capturing that Brief Moment of Clarity, Colour Pencil
Jo Johnstone Jewels of the Pomegranate Watercolour
Jo Johnstone, Jewels of the Pomegranate, Watercolour
Jo Johnstone In the Presence of Mt Roland Acrylic
Jo Johnstone, In the Presence of Mt Roland, Acrylic
Jenny Overton Mother Mixed textile
Jenny Overton, Mother, Mixed textile
Jenny Overton I Shan’t Talk Mixed textile
Jenny Overton, I Shan’t Talk, Mixed textile
Jennifer G. Frost Wind Flowers Mixed pencil, watercolour and silver
Jennifer G. Frost, Wind Flowers, Mixed pencil, watercolour and silver
Jeanette Tyson Spotted Quoll Collagraph
Jeanette Tyson, Spotted Quoll, Collagraph
Jeanette Tyson Masked Owl, Tasmanian Collagraph
Jeanette Tyson, Masked Owl, Tasmanian Collagraph
Jacki Murphy Moody Afternoon Watercolour
Jacki Murphy, Moody Afternoon, Watercolour
Jacki Murphy Harmony Watercolour
Jacki Murphy, Harmony, Watercolour
Gillian Robrik Plovers Acrylic
Gillian Robrik, Plovers, Acrylic
Evelyn Antonysen Stratified Landscape Watercolour
Evelyn Antonysen, Stratified Landscape, Watercolour
Evelyn Antonysen Season Change, Forth Watercolour
Evelyn Antonysen, Season Change, Forth, Watercolour
Dianne Beveridge Red Alert Coloured Pencil
Dianne Beveridge, Red Alert, Coloured Pencil
Dianne Beveridge Grazing Coloured Pencil
Dianne Beveridge, Grazing, Coloured Pencil
Dawn Murray Autumn Slice Resin
Dawn Murray, Autumn Slice, Resin

Daniela Selir Lost Acrylic

Daniela Selir Outback Road Acrylic
Daniela Selir, Outback Road, Acrylic
Christine Matthews A Golden Day Ink and acrylic
Christine Matthews, A Golden Day, Ink and acrylic
Brenda Haas The Wollemi Pine Watercolour
Brenda Haas, The Wollemi Pine, Watercolour
Brenda Haas Protea Life Cycle Watercolour
Brenda Haas, Protea Life Cycle, Watercolour
Ashlee Griffiths Luminous Coloured Pencil & Pan Pastel
Ashlee Griffiths, Luminous, Coloured Pencil & Pan Pastel
Ashlee Griffiths Journey Coloured Pencil
Ashlee Griffiths, Journey, Coloured Pencil
Anne Brown After the Rain Pastel
Anne Brown, After the Rain, Pastel