Devonport Regional Gallery

Con Rhee: The Wilderness Pill

Con Rhee: The Wilderness Pill

4 JUNE – 2 JULY 2016

Opening Friday 3 June, 6pm

Con Rhee is an emerging artist who began his art career later in life, having studied and taught Biology at tertiary level for some time. He works in both glass and photography and has exhibited his works regularly over recent years.

Rhee’s concepts explore such things as health – how it is maintained, and has been maintained in the past. He questions how society managed without pills and medications and from a personal perspective he believes that one way to maintain health is to be at one with nature. With this in mind, Rhee has coined the term ‘The wilderness pill’ which forms the title of his exhibition in The Little Gallery. The exhibition highlights the wilderness through a series of enlarged photographs that surround the viewer within the space and seemingly transport them into a sense of ‘being there’.

“Based on experience, I’ve found a health promoting pill. It cost nothing & is highly efficacious. You absorb it naturally when you are present in the wilderness. It does wonders for your mental state, which in turn is reflected in the wellbeing & longevity of your body – i.e. your health. Given our origins, this “pill” was originally omnipresent in our environment. I call it “The Wilderness Pill”” – Con Rhee, May 2015

Image: Con Rhee, Dove River emerging from its canyon, 2015, vinyl on HIPS